Dishwasher Repair


We don’t know what we’d do without our dishwashers. It would be much harder to keep up with all the dirty dishes! Whether you have an old model that’s on its last leg or a new model that isn’t getting the dishes clean, turn to Pete’s Appliances. Led by a founder with an innate love for the way things work, we are your go-to dishwasher experts in Boston.

Keep the Sinks Clear

Are increasing numbers of dishes coming out of your dishwasher with spots of food on them? Are you seeing mysterious puddles in front of your dishwater? Don’t put the dishes back in or wipe up the water without giving us a call. Our friendly, respectful team will get to the bottom of whatever is going on and help your dishwasher run at its best again. Over decades of experience, we’ve resolved the following issues:

  • Dishes that aren’t getting clean

  • Doors that don’t latch

  • Water not draining

  • Water leaks

  • Odd noises

  • Failure of the dishwasher to start

  • Failure of the dishwasher to fill up

Choose Speed Appliances Repair

You don’t have the time or money for professionals who won’t tell you like it is. Choose Pete’s Appliances, and you can depend on our candor, care, and commitment to your investment. We’re happy to work on Samsung, GE, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, GenAir, Maytag, and LG appliances. Give us a call any time.